TIPS to save of school fees?

There are always many ways one can cut down on costs and save, but if you can save on one of the most essential needs, namely schools fees, yet at the same time improving the quality of your child’s education, then why not? Below are some of the main reasons how you can save on school fees. 
1. Ambledown discount off school fees for tuition towards a world-class Cambridge International education.
2. Study from the comfort of your home – no need to pay for study facilities or centres.
3. No transport costs to and from school.
4. No need to purchase school uniform – learners get to wear what they want.
5. Textbooks costs – digital textbooks and e-books are included in the fees.



Boston Online Home Education is a member of the Boston Group of companies. Boston City Campus was founded in 1991 and is registered as a Private Higher Educational Institution. Over the last 30 years the group has developed depth of experience in education, pedagogy, learning design, technology, excellent support and systems which ensure success for learners. This experience has enabled Boston to understand on a practical level “what works” to enrich your learning experience and ensure success.  As a result the various companies in the group have received multiple awards including “Best College Award” for last 12 years.  

BOHE (Boston Online Home Education) is a registered Cambridge Associate and extremely proud to have achieved this status. Their mission is to ensure that they live up to the highest standards commensurate with the honour and privilege of being a registered Cambridge Associate. As a registered Cambridge Associate, BOHE has access to the relevant Cambridge support resources which allow their educators and mentors to align their support with the outcomes and assessment strategies as specified.