Access to a discou​nt on Cambridge school

You as an Ambledown Financial Services member are given free access to the Boston Online Home Education platform, a supplementary education platform for Grades 10-12. The CAPS content is unique and is developed by qualified and experienced educators. To produce high levels of retention in learners. The gamification strategy is used as one of the main models of learning by including various online gaming techniques to encourage consistent student engagement and participation.

CAPS supportr content Offers

  •     Pre-developed videos
  •     E-books
  •     Quizzes
  •     Diagnostics
  •     Grading system

There is no such thing as a finished product when it comes to education. It's not as if you study a book, pass an exam, and then call it a day. From the moment you are born until the moment you die, your entire life is a learning process.

how to get started

1)  Follow the link: .        
2) Click on the REGISTER button (this will take you to the account creation form on
3) Complete the account creation form. 
4) Click on the account verification link sent via email (also check junk). 
5) When you land on the student dashboard, insert the unique coupon code. 
6) This unlocks all of the platforms/features as seen on the dashboard.

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